Border Trip - Saint Meinrad Jan. 2017
Seminarians from Saint Meinrad attending the Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century workshop in January 2017 took trip to the valley.

The Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century program is an intense two-week introduction to Hispanic Ministry. The program is an orientation to the culture, history, and faith expressions of Mexican Americans. The course’s specific focus on the Mexican American experience is not exclusive; rather, it provides a comprehensive framework that can be used as a pattern for understanding other cultures. The Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century program deepens appreciation of the multicultural diversity in society and guides both Hispanics and non-Hispanics through a process of understanding  the complexities of ministry in Hispanic communities today.

This course is especially recommended for anyone working or desiring to work in Hispanic settings in the United States.

The adult-learning model of the Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century program includes seminars, time for reflection group discussions, lectures, and field trips in San Antonio and to the Texas-Mexico border region.

• History, Guiding Values and Principles of Hispanic Ministry
• History of the Mexican American Experience
• Scripture from the Hispanic Perspective
• The Heart of Multiculturalism
• Our Lady of Guadalupe
• Immigration Issues
• Family and Youth
• Faith Expressions

Click here to download full schedule for January 6 – 17, 2020.


To explore the lived experiences of Hispanics in relationship to the Catholic Church and our US Society.
To explore models of acculturation and integration among culturally diverse individuals and communities.
To study the process of inculturation of faith and its relationship with popular religiosity practices in Hispanic

Recommended Readings:

Elizondo, La Morenita
Ospino, Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes
Pope John Paul, Ecclesia in America
USCCB, Strangers No Longer
MACC, Faith Expressions of Hispanics in the Southwest


Tuition (Border Immersion Included) $1,855
Room $605
Residential Meal Plan $360
Total – Tuition / Room & Board / Meals $2,820
Deposit for registration: $150.00
Deposit for room & board: $150.00
Total Deposit: $300.00