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2023 Seminarian Graduates in Chapel

Earn Your Degree in Pastoral Ministry

Our Degree-Based Bachelors and Masters Programs feature cultural and pastoral ministry studies with concurrent language acquisition (English as a Second Language and Spanish) to fulfill the needs of tomorrow’s Church, today.

Grow Your Faith and Leadership Capacity

Our Diaconal, Pastoral and Ministry Certificate Programs provide the foundational knowledge and practical training needed to fulfill leadership roles in the Church.

Group of nine smiling, posing in MACC chapel with priest wearing vestments.
Professor and students in MACC classroom

Deepen Your Cross-Cultural Understanding

Our Continuing Education Programs enhance your knowledge in areas that are crucial to serving your parish community.

See Our Housing and Facility Options

MACC serves as an academic and spiritual retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We can offer you on-campus accommodations – cozy dormitories, a cafeteria and a community kitchen – as well as internet-enabled meeting rooms and more!

Students in courtyard in front of OLG Statue

Access International Applicant and Student Resources

MACC welcomes applications from individuals with an international background. We believe that each international student brings unique qualities to our diverse student body, which includes students from Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Venezuela and Cameroon.

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Become Part of Our Prestigious History in San Antonio

The Mexican American Catholic College, a pioneer in bilingual higher education with an emphasis in pastoral and Hispanic ministry, welcomes a diverse group of students. Priests, seminarians, deacon candidates, and religious, who are often sent by their Bishops and superiors, and lay leaders, including international students, attend and acquire academic and leadership formation for effective service in the Hispanic community.

MACC students with Hispanic ministry formation and an intercultural literacy can create programs to benefit, empower, and educate others within their own communities, thus improving the lives of Catholics and non-Catholics alike.



Mary Frances Jaster

I so enjoyed my time at MACC! Teri was great as a teacher, Hermana Guia and I got along so well, and you have done a wonderful job of coordinating the classes and the Pastoral aspects of language.  What a gift you all are.  AND everyone is so nice!  Thank you for a wonderful intensive class.


First time I went to MACC. I had registered for a course on popular religiosity during Holy Week… Somehow, the course had been cancelled, but I had not received the notification. But, because at MACC everyone is important, the course was rapidly reassembled, seminarians convened, and I was blessed to listen to Archbishop Flores and Virgilio Elizondo! It was an unforgettable Holy Week.

SR. Debbie Borneman SS.C.M.

I participated in the Respecto program and the Mini-Pastoral 3 week programs. I loved it! I learned more about my own ethnicity and the cultural wealth of my congregation than I ever knew. The encouragement to learn first about who we are has stayed with me over the years to be a bridge builder, not a snow plow. I appreciated the patience, creativity, and joy of the presenters who encouraged us to share our own stories and insights with one another.

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez

MACC was a life-changing experience for me. It was a moment of grace for me and for the many who were part of it. I loved what I taught (Mexican American history, culture and spirituality) and those whom I taught. A great blessing was being part of a dedicated staff and community, especially being associated with Archbishop Flores, Fr. Virgil Elizondo and professors from Latin America. MACC was a grace-filled adventure and prepared me well to my years as a bishop. 

Empowering Leaders for Service in a Culturally Diverse Church

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