Students can now submit their confidential course evaluations via their Populi account. The Spring 2020 evaluation period will be open from April 25 to May 1. Professors will have access to their evaluations after 60% of the enrolled students complete the evaluation AND the professor finalizes the course. For that reason, professors must encourage all their students to complete the evaluation in class.

During the evaluation period, professors should allow time for students to complete the evaluation in class using their electronic device (e.g. cell phone, tablet or laptop). Students who don’t have an electronic device, may use a MACC PC in the lab or lobby. Staff is available to help students in the lab, if necessary just provide advanced notice.


  • All evaluations must be completed by May 1 before Final Exams Week.
  • Stop class at least 15 minutes before designated end time to allow students to complete evaluation.
  • Professors should exit the classroom before students begin evaluating the class.
  • All responses are confidential and professors do not have access to evaluation results until after their course is finalized.

STUDENTS: How to submit your evaluation:

Your feedback is important! Completing your student course evaluation helps MACC instructors know what works, what doesn’t and how to improve future classes.

    1. Log in to Populi.  [Make sure you can access your Populi account at least three days before the evaluation period begins. If you have problems, contact the DB Office. This way, you won’t run into issues the day of the evaluation of your course.]
    2. Go to the course, and click on the “settings” tab. [See first green arrow, below.]
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where it reads “Student Course Evaluation.” [See second green arrow, below.]
    4. Click on that link, answer the questions, and submit the form.