Release Form

I, THE UNDERSIGNED, DO HEREBY GRANT to the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC), my permission to (a) record my image (by digital, film and/or video), and (b) reproduce my verbal and written comments provided in response to or in connection with any evaluation, survey or interview, for current and/or future use in any form of media, in promotional materials, whether the use of such materials is for public relations, recruitment, development, or any other legitimate purpose of the above-named organization.

I understand that if I do not wish to be photographed at this event, I must notify the photographer AND remove myself from photos being taken. I understand that MACC has no control over the use of photographs or video taken by other participants or the media that may be covering event.

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Yo, el suscrito, por la presente otorga al Mexican American Catholic College (MACC), mi permiso para (a) grabar mi imagen (fotográfica, digital, y/o por video) y (b) reproducir mis comentarios verbales y escritos proveídos como respuesta o en conexión de cualquier respuesta evaluación, encuesta o entrevista, para su uso actual y/o en el futuro en cualquier medio de comunicación, en los materiales de promoción, si el uso de tales materiales es para la relaciones públicas, la contratación, el desarrollo, o cualquier otro propósito legítimo de la organización arriba mencionado.
Entiendo que si no deseo ser fotografiado en este evento, debo notificar al fotógrafo Y alejarme del área cuando están tomando fotos. Entiendo que MACC no tiene control sobre el uso de fotografías o video tomados por otros participantes o los medios de comunicación que puedan estar cubriendo el evento.

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Video and Photography – Sharing Media Content Consent Form

  • I give my consent to the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) to agree to not share publicly in person or through any online formats including through social media, and will not own or claim any rights to share any of the live and/or pre-recorded links, downloads or media files for classroom lectures without permission from the instructor, the Online Distance Learning Department and Dr. Arturo Chavez, president of MACC.

  • I understand and agree that the links and videos provided through my instructor or generated on Populi, MACCs learning management system, will only be shared within the constructs of class with my instructor and classmates only.

  • I understand that I will not be paid for my participation and/or use of the media and I will have no rights to the media taken. I understand if I am in violation of these terms, that a meeting with my instructor, the Online Distance Learning Department and Dr. Arturo Chavez, president of MACC, will take place to discuss appropriate action.

  • I understand and agree to these terms. If I am under the age of 18, I understand my parent or legal guardian must sign this form with me.

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