Dr. Kristin Colbert Speaker on The Synod at the Halfway Point

Dr. Colberg is a member of the Vatican theological commission responsible for assisting the Synod of Bishops

SAN ANTONIO – The Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) is excited to welcome Dr. Kristin Colberg as principal speaker for MACC’s Cultura Católica Day 2023, when she will discuss “The Synod at the Halfway Point: What Has the Listening Church Heard?“.

Dr. Colberg is an Associate Professor at St. John’s School of Theology and Seminary, and was one of two people from the United States named to the Vatican theological commission charged with assisting the Synod of Bishops. Kristin has been teaching at St. John’s in Collegeville since 2012. She teaches classes in systematic theology, ecclesiology, theological anthropology and theological method which examine fundamental issues in theology.

Mass will begin at 11:15 at MACC at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. Students and the General Public are invited to attend from 5:30-6:30PM in Alfaro Hall. To register for the event please click HERE. To join us online for the livestreamed event on Facebook, please click HERE.

To view the full flyer information please click HERE.

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