Mark your calendar! MACC’s Fall 2018 New Student Orientation is August 23.

To view more important dates and deadlines, you can look at our Academic Calendar.  It’s available at the bottom of our homepage, via your Populi account, and in PDF format, here. You can view the 2017-2018, here.

The following information is designed to help you prepare for your first visit on our campus, so review and complete each step by August 10, 2018.  If you have questions about this information or anything not covered, here, contact our Dean of Students. Her contact information is available at the bottom of this page.

Aside from including the details included, below, this RSVP form also includes information about Orientation, Convocation Mass (Fall only), and the meals during these events. Complete it, now, before August 10, 2018. The Dean of Students will receive your RSVP after you click the ‘submit’ button.

The following information corresponds to the questions on the RSVP form.

Language Proficiency Testing
MACC offers supplemental language studies in both English and Spanish.  Answer Question #4 to let us know if you want to test your proficiency in either language.  If you prefer to wait, you can contact the language coordinators at a later date.

Lodie Mueller
ESL Coordinator
Phone: 210-731-3124

Carolina Avila
Spanish Language Coordinator
Phone: 210-731-3119

ADA Accommodations
MACC does not receive federal funding; however, we do comply with Section 504 of the American with Disabilities Act. You can learn more about the rights of Americans with disabilities by visiting the ADA Website. To receive ADA accommodations, a student must submit medical/clinical documentation from a licensed professional to MACC’s Dean of Students each semester accommodations are requested. Students in the Collaborative Program should visit UIW’s Student Disability Services.

If you anticipate requesting ADA accommodations, select the second option at Question #5 on the RSVP form, below.

Emergency Contact
You can view policies designed to promote a safe campus, online.  MACC’s Student Handbook includes a section on community policies, beginning on page 10.  Specifically, you can read about our Identification Policy, Safe Campus Policy, and Secured Entry Policy.  For more information, you can visit our Director of Campus Operations and Housing, Isabel Martinez.

You’ll report your emergency contact person at Questions #6-8 on the RSVP form, below.  That’ll help us prepare should you have an accident on our campus.

If you need to report a change to your emergency contact at any time, visit the front desk.

Know your rights.  For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), read MACC’s Notification of Privacy.

You’ll let us know you read about your rights within Questions #10-12 of the RSVP form.

Honor Code
The student body reads the Honor Code in unison during Convocation Mass (Fall semester only).  Read it, now.  It’s in our Student Handbook and on Question #15 of the RSVP form.

That’s it!  Just click the submit button, and you’re all set.  Unless…

More Information
Registered?  If you’re not, just contact our Dean of Students, now.  You can also ask any questions and/or share any concerns.

Alma D. Alvarado
Dean of Students
Phone:  210-731-3123