The Symbolism in our Logo

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  • The stylized flower symbol is formed by the convergence of four C’s representing the “heart” of what MACC’s programs hope to accomplish: Cross-Cultural Conversion and Communion. The different color of each C in the flower also represents the diversity of our Church and society.
  • The gentle cross and the golden circle within the flower petals are symbolic of Christ in the Eucharist who draws the four C’s into a whole: “unity in diversity.” Each C is an incomplete circle that is made “whole” through an encounter with the Living Lord.
  • The flower symbol also reminds us of Our Lady of Guadalupe: our roots in faith and in human ancestry. If you look closely at her image, you will see the same flower of four petals surrounding a perfectly shaped circle above her womb. For our indigenous ancestors, this was the sign of the fifth sun – a time of great change, of creative energy, and of the fulfillment of God’s promises: Jesus, the center of our personal life and of MACC’s mission.