Tuition and Fees









Financial Assistance

MACC awards a limited amount of tuition assistance. To apply for tuition assistance, download our scholarship application here. Students can apply each academic term.  Since our awards are limited, students are highly encouraged to research and apply for additional scholarship opportunities.




Payment Policies


All accounts are ex­pected to be paid in full prior to the first class day of the semes­ter or session or no later than the first scheduled class meeting. If alternate financial arrangements are needed, students must seek and finalize arrangements with the Director of Finance before registration or at the time of reg­istration at the latest.


Payment Arrangements

Two al­ternative methods of meeting fi­nancial obligations are available to students, excluding auditors.

Option 1. During the Fall and Spring semesters, half (50%) of the total balance is to be paid at registration with the remaining balance due within 30 days. During Summer semester, half (50%) of the total balance is due at registration with the remaining balance due within 10 days.

Option 2. Upon the approval of the Finance Director, half (50%) of the total balance is due at registration. The registrant must first propose a contract, scheduling the monthly payments of the remaining balance.



Payment arrange­ments are not available to audi­tors. Full payment is due upon registration.


Additional Balance

When a change of balance occurs due to changes in the registration schedule, the additional balance is due immediately if arrange­ments are not made with the Fi­nance Director.


Drop for Nonpayment

Students who do not adhere to MACC policy for payment may be in­stitutionally withdrawn from class(es). A registration hold will be placed on the student’s educa­tion record prohibiting enroll­ment until his/her financial obli­gation is met.


Record Hold

In addition to the student being prohibited from enrollment, data pertaining to the education record (grade re­ports, transcripts, and diplomas) will not be released until the stu­dent clears his/her delinquent status.