Degree Based Programs


The Pastoral Ministry Program

MACC’s pastoral ministry program is available at two levels – undergraduate and graduate.  As outlined within MACC’s current academic catalog, degree and certificate options are available, and students can choose from three concentration areas within each degree option.  Undergraduate students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry may pursue a concentration in Catechetics, Catholic Leadership or Philosophy while graduate students seeking a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry may pursue a concentration in Catechetics, Catholic Leadership or Marriage, Family and Youth Ministry.  Students who seek a certificate can complete the PreTheology Certificate at the undergraduate level or the Pastoral Ministry Certificate at the graduate level.



Enrollment Process


  1. Inquire about our programs
    Interested in more information?  Contact us.
  1. Apply for admission
    For more information about the admission process, click here.
  1. Apply for financial assistance
    Limited institutional aid is available and MACC students are not eligible for federal aid.  To learn more about possible sources for financial assistance, click here.
  1. Apply for housing accommodations
    On campus housing is available.  For more information, click here.
  1. Schedule an appointment for advisement
    The Dean of Students advises all students.  Students can not register without the Dean’s consent, and members of other organizations may have additional restrictions.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.
  1. Register for classes
    Most students register in the Office of Degree Based Programs after advisement, but if you’ve been advised and are not on campus, you can also use this form.
  1. Login to your Populi account.
    All students receive an automatic notification from our record system, Populi. Use it to create your password, login to Populi, and review your schedule.  This is also where you’ll check your grades.  Some instructors will also post assignments and additional resources there.  You can also print your schedule to present it for help at the Bookstore.
  1. Visit the MACC Bookstore
    Visit the bookstore to purchase your textbooks and obtain your MACC student ID card.  The photo on your ID is what we will use as your default picture in Populi.  If you prefer, you can, instead, upload your own picture to Populi, provided it is a picture of you.
  1. Attend Orientation
    The Office of Degree Based Programs provides students Orientation information.  All students must attend as designated.
  1. Attend Class(es)
    Adhere to the policies and guidelines provided in the Academic Catalog, Student Handbook and your course syllabi.